Installing Raspbian (headless)


  1. Download the latest Raspbian image from
  2. Flash the Raspbian image onto a micro SD-card using Etcher (

    When your SD-card is displayed as “locked” in Etcher. First check the hardware lock on your SD-card adapter…it might have moved to the “lock” position.


When you encounter the a problem during “flashing” first try to format the SD-card yourself using a disk utility and try flashing with Etcher again.

  1. After flashing the image to a SD-card add a file called “ssh” to the root folder of the SD-card. This will enable SSH access to your raspberry pi without the need of an extra HDMI cable, USB keyboard, monitor, etc.
  2. Insert the SD-card into your raspberry pi and connect the power and ethernet cable to the raspberry pi.
  3. Wait until the pi is booted (green light goes off).
  4. Lookup the IP address of the raspberry pi in the DHCP lease table of your router.
  5. Connect to the raspberry pi via SSH. Default username is pi and password is raspberry
  6. Run sudo raspi-config to configure the raspberry pi
  7. Run sudo apt-update
  8. Run sudo apt-upgrade to update all packages of the raspberry pi


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